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Children’s Law

 We understand that if your relationship has come to an end, your children’s welfare should be at the centre of every decision you make and therefore making suitable arrangements for children to spend time with both their parents, and other family members, is a priority.

In divorce cases, the majority of disagreements occur when it comes to making decision about children and finance. If you and your spouse cannot reach a suitable agreement relating to your children, for example where they should live or how their time is to be shared, then our family department can help you resolve your differences sensitively, avoiding the creation of more upset and acrimony whilst focusing on the fact the children’s welfare is the paramount consideration.

We will promote direct negotiation and agreement between you and your spouse wherever possible. In the event agreement cannot be reach and the Family Court is required to decide the issue and to make an Order setting out the prospective arrangements, then it may in its powers make one of the following potential orders.

  • Prohibited Steps Order
    Aimed at restricting how a mother or a father exercises his or hers Parental Responsibility.
  • Child Arrangement Order
    It can set out with whom the child should live, spend time with or otherwise have contact with.
  • Specific Issue Order
    This is an order dealing with issues such as schooling or consent to non-urgent medical treatment or consent to leave the country to move abroad.
  • Parental Responsibility Order
    It gives a person other than mother or father legal status as a parent.

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