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Divorce & Dissolution

The breakdown of any relationship can be a very difficult time, but by receiving the right advice early on it is often possible to make the process much smoother and more amicable.

Our team understand the impact a divorce can have on your children, home, pensions and finances often leaving you confused, distressed and anxious about the future. Our family team will work with you to identify what the main issues are likely to be and how they may be resolved.

The process of divorce in England and Wales is largely administrative, beginning with completing the petition asking the court to dissolve your marriage. The Court reviewed the documents and if you have met the grounds for a divorce, it will pronounce a decree nisi. After a cooling off period of 6 weeks and 1 day you can apply for the decree absolute, which will legally terminate the marriage.

Whilst being administrative in nature, issues surrounding the breakdown of your marriage are often complex and must be dealt objectively and sympathetically. Click here for more information on Financial Remedy and Children’s Issues.

If you are contemplating a divorce or your spouse has asked for a divorce, you are likely to worry about the costs of legally dissolving your marriage. Our firm offers a Fixed Fee Divorce to reduce the costs of divorce whilst still being professional represented. For more information see Fixed Fee Divorce.

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