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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

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In an increasingly regulated world disputes are often unavoidable whether you have a dispute with another individual, a company or local authority, or perhaps you feel a civil wrong has been committed against you, then you may seek to resolve the dispute through Litigation.

At Brar & Co we acknowledge that disputes are disruptive, time consuming and often can prove quite costly to clients and their businesses. Given that in every dispute there is a window of opportunity to resolve the claim swiftly we will help you to achieve early settlement without the costs and stress of having to go to court by discussing and engaging in negotiations with an opposing party or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We pride ourselves on being well versed in the Civil Procedure Rules and in instances where court cannot be avoided, we will fight your corner fearlessly to protect your best interests and ensure satisfactory outcome.

We can offer our expertise to both consumers and business and from the very early stages will advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case to assess the most appropriate form of strategy to ensure that your dispute to secure early advantage and secure the best outcome at the earliest opportunity.

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