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This is the process whereby an existing mortgage is switched to a new lender, using the same property to provide security. Remortgaging is a great way to obtain a more attractive repayment rate or simply to generate equity.

While remortgaging a property, it is common for clients to transfer ownership of a property by proceeding with a Transfer of Equity.  This can occur due to a breakdown of a relationship or alternatively a beginning of one.

We take instructions from clients in a similar fashion to buying or selling property however the main differences are set out below:

  • If you are remortgaging with the same lender, there may not be necessity to obtain searches. We will advise you on this at the outset.
  • There is no contract or transfer to execute.
  • A mortgage report will detail your requirements prior to arranging for you to sign the mortgage deed.
  • A completion date will be agreed when it is convenient for you as long as the requirements of the lender have been fulfilled.

Funds will be received from the mortgage lender and we will draft and submit the application to the Land Registry to amend the mortgage details on the title deeds.

Our residential property team have the expertise in every aspect of Remortgaging and Transfer of Equity.

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