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Wills, Probate & Lasting Powers of
Attorney Costs


The work involved in the drafting a will includes:

  • Taking instructions,
  • Providing necessary advice,
  • Drafting Will for approval,
  • Producing engrossment,
  • Arranging execution,
  • Finalising matter.


Wills – Single: £190 (Inc VAT)
Wills – Couple: £290 (Inc VAT)
Wills – Home Visit Single: £290 (Inc VAT)
Wills – Home Visit Couple: £290 (Inc VAT)
Emergency Will: £470 (Inc VAT)

Fees include storage of the signed Will.


Work involved in our probate service includes:

    • Establishing all asset holders and liabilities of the estate and writing to these for a valuation,
    • Preparing an inheritance tax form and a statement of truth for the executors/administrators of the estate,
    • An application will be made to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Probate/Letter of Administration,
    • Collecting in all assets of the estate,
    • Discharging any liabilities of the estate and distribute the remaining monies in accordance with the Will/intestacy rules,
    • Finalising all matters.


All probate work is charged at an hourly rate, depending on the seniority of the fee earner. A percentage uplift is chargeable on the estate depending on the complexity:

Partner/Senior Solicitor: £220 + VAT
Solicitor: £175 + VAT
Trainee Solicitor: £130 + VAT
Additional Work: Enquire for a bespoke quote.


Work involved in drafting Powers include:

  • Taking instructions;
  • Providing necessary advice
  • Drafting the powers for approval
  • Once approved, producing engrossments ready for execution
  • Arranging for all parties to execute documentation; final check to ensure all documentation correctly completed and executed;
  • Registering the Powers and pay the fees;
  • Receive the registered Powers, store or send to client and conclude the matter.





Ordinary Power of Attorney – Single: £170 (Inc VAT)
Ordinary Power of Attorney – Couple: £230 (Inc VAT)
Lasting Power of Attorney – Single: £390 (Inc VAT)
Lasting Power of Attorney – Two Powers: £660 (Inc VAT)
Lasting Power of Attorney – Four Powers (Husband and Wife x 2 each): £1200 (Inc VAT)

Disbursements to the Office of the Public Guardian for Power of Attorney are paid in addition to our fees.

A disbursement payable to the Office of the Public Guardian for Power of Attorney is in the form of a registration fee (£82.00), to register your Lasting Powers. You may however qualify for an exemption (dependent upon income) and it may be reduced or waived in accordance with your income.

If you would like make an enquiry on the above services, please complete our online enquiry service by using our contact form below to receive a bespoke estimate of services.

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